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Bruton Guitars is a Rochester, NY based guitar company that offers a line of guitar models that draw from tradition but are original in design. We pride ourselves in building guitars that are fresh and relevant. We hand select woods for each instrument, and we source our materials locally whenever possible; often using woods that are indigenous to this part of upstate western New York.

Bruton Guitars continues to do what it wished to do from the onset - produce high quality, USA made guitars superior in tone, aesthetics, and with unprecedented playability.

“Every detail matters. We start with three basic and all-important criterion, aesthetics, tone, and playability. And we find a way to merge these components in a manner where one doesn't take precedence at the expense of another. In other words, it’s got to look, sound, and play the part in a harmonious way that really inspires”

- Ben Bruton, Owner

about the Builder

With an established skill set in fine wood working, a do-it-yourself attitude and a passion for guitar playing, owner Ben Bruton tried his hand at lutherie. With no formal instruction he built his first guitar in 1998 (a predecessor to the Universal model). This guitar would be his go-to guitar for every gig and on the road performance for years to come.

In 2002 he secured a year and a half apprenticeship with Rochester guitar builder, Bernie Lehmann of Lehmann’s Stringed Instruments, where he learned in detail the finer points of guitar construction. With honed skills and an increased love for this process, Ben opened Bruton Guitars in 2008. For a decade and more, he has offered a line of hand-made, “player specific” guitars and basses, including solid body models, arch top electrics, arch top acoustics, and flat tops.

Ben developed a passion for all things music at an early age. Generous exposure by family and friends to a multitude of artists taught him to not only appreciate the richness of music, but to value talent. Becoming a musician was almost not a choice but a proverbial inevitability. Feverishly learning to play the drums and then later picking up guitar - these were precursors to what would put him on a target for a future career in guitar building. Playing guitar in several band settings with 6 recorded bodies of work to date has given Ben the experience and knowledge of just how to apply this “know-how”. In other words, he understands the requirements that a musician expects from their instrument.

Whether it’s a road ready guitar that needs to survive the rigors of touring or it’s the studio musician that relies on optimum performance - an instrument that delivers that perfect voice every time to fit the part. It is his understanding of this process and attention to detail that sets him apart.

Ben has been building reliable, affordable, great playing guitars and basses collectively for nearly 20 years and counting.

Bruton Guitars

Bruton Guitars

Bruton Guitars

The Shop

Bruton Guitars, LLC

1115 East Main St.
Rochester, NY 14609
Door #2, Suite #37

Call/ text: 585-738-9940
Email: ben@brutonguitars.com

Shop Hours: Tue-Fri: 10am-4pm


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